Maths IA Ideas 

Although I am sure I will get much love mail from my friends that took Maths HL, I only hope to spark ideas in this page - as such, how much further you take it with the Maths will make the difference between a strong and a weak IA. I hope to provide some inspiration and ideas through this page - especially as I come across better and better IA ideas.

Chess Lovers?

#NormalDistribution #Probability #Formula

Try to extend this idea by looking creatively at was added to Elo’s original ideas - how consistency is managed, what assumptions are implicit etc.

Also, try to apply Elo’s formula to other cases - the gambling industry would be an easy place to apply it, but a similar algorithm may be used for insurance companies (i.e. ratings go down if there is a liability and ratings go down slightly whenever a week passes without a liability - what are some different assumptions in insurance compared to chess ratings?)